One of themes coming out of our recent whitepaper on the Boundless office (see here to download it: is wellness in the workplace. And how office (and furniture) design influences that.

This is a subject we’re interested in as furniture designers and manufacturers and as part of the wider workplace design community and we have talked about it before. To our mind, there are a few factors that influence good workplace design (from the point of view of engendering wellbeing and wellness).

These factors include:

  • Access to natural light (or better lighting solutions in general). And access to external work or collaboration spaces as part of that
  • Access to water and fresh fruit (apples being a favourite of ours)
  • Colour schemes and interior design aesthetics (we play our part and work hard on our choice of fabrics and finishes on our furniture)
  • Acoustic balance and privacy
  • The ability to ‘leave the desk’ and work with the technology in a more relaxed fashion (‘lean-back’ as opposed to ‘lean-in’)
  • Plants in the workplace or educational space

Connection Seating workplace wellbeing office image

As our boundless office whitepaper says, office work can be pretty harmful both physically and psychologically, based on research over the years around the absence of the factors above.  And whilst there is lots of legislation to help us avoid harm, that’s only part of the picture. A positive and proactive approach to wellness means we should all be looking to help people become fitter, happier and more productive.

To look at some of the factors above in a bit more detail do read our whitepaper.

And to complement the whitepaper, have a look at our video below: it explains our vision to design and manufacture furniture that supports the news way of working and engender spaces that provide wellness right from the start.

Connection Workplace Wellness article Video link

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