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    As is the case with many organisations nowadays, global design and engineering consultancy Arcadis required a space that reflected the changing ways of work within the company and more generally. Moving across Birmingham city centre to a new 12,000sqft space on the 16th floor, Arcadis were particularly interested in collaborative work spaces that supported productivity and social interaction, which in turn had a positive impact on employee wellbeing.

    The move towards collaborative work spaces, focussed on employee wellbeing and happiness, meant that the Connection product portfolio was ideal to meet the client’s requirements. Hunters were selected to complete the project, which resulted in a captivating, agile workplace drowned in stunning natural light to keep the company workforce happy and motivated.

    Connection Resimercial range Camden lounge chair Leo sofa and Forge table Arcadis Birmingham collaborative work spaces for employee wellbeing

    The move towards a collaborative work space, focussed on employee wellbeing and happiness, meant that the Connection product portfolio was ideal to meet the client’s requirements.

    Throughout the space are numerous Co. Tables, a range named for its ability to promote and support co-working and collaboration. A flexible range with multiple options available, Co is the perfect table to facilitate a high-paced workplace culture, built upon agile work between teams. In this particular configuration, the poseur end encourages swift, productive meetings, and creates a space ideal for small-scale presentations and group brainstorms.

    Connection Co Table collaborative workplace furniture
    Connection WorkWell meeting chair Arcadis Birmingham

    An innovative range of commercial furniture, the WorkWell family of products are designed to support mental and physical wellbeing by combining durability, aesthetics, comfort and simplicity of use. Both the WorkWell task and meeting chairs feature heavily at Arcadis, highlighting the adaptability and versatility of the ranges.

    Connection Muse soft seating booth Arcadis Birmingham

    In the open-plan office, it’s important for people to have quiet areas where they can escape the hustle and bustle and take a moment of downtime, or complete individual tasks. Muse is the go-to solution for those looking to create these private zones. A combination of statement seating and private work booth, Muse was positioned as a breakaway sanctuary for relaxation, overlooking the city centre.

    Connection Canova work café chair Arcadis Birmingham

    One of the key industry trends in 2022, work café has changed the way that people see a space. A multi-functional zone for employees, the work café at Arcadis was populated with Canova chairs, Co. Table and breakout Resimercial zones with Camden, Leo and Forge. The blend of furniture in the work café means that the space covers a variety of workplace functions, with areas for dining and relaxation, informal meetings, and breakout collaborative work.