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    Clyde & Co

    An industry-leading insurance risk and commercial law firm, Clyde & Co required an overhaul of their existing workplace culture, as they moved into a new 73,000sq ft facility in Manchester. Pre-pandemic, employees were spread across two buildings and fourteen floors, with the new offices taking up just four floors of a single building. The dilution of square footage is enabled by a space with furniture that supports flexible working and gives a plethora of options to workers, effectively breaking down silos.

    The key objective of the project, completed by TSK, was to deliver a modern workspace that empowered staff to have more say in where and how they work. The utilisation of multi-use spaces, comprised of adaptable and intuitive products, went a long way towards solving this issue. Numerous Connection products were specified to effectively meet the core objective, and support the evolution of their workplace culture.

    Connection Canova work café chair Clyde & Co case study project workplace culture

    One of the key features of the new space are private collaboration areas. Rooms was the ideal product to best meet this aim, particularly in this configuration. By enclosing a single side and allowing the remaining three to stay open, the individuals occupying Rooms are given the feeling of seclusion and privacy but retain a sense of place within the rest of the office.

    Another necessity for Clyde & Co were spaces specifically for meeting and relaxation, away from the dedicated workspaces positioned around the office. Canova chairs were seen as the ideal product to be positioned within a breakout work café space for employees to congregate within. The work café area provides a different dimension to the orthodox breakout space, with multiple functions available from informal meetings to dining with colleagues.

    Connection Rooms Swoosh stools high back Clyde & Co case study
    Connection commercial furniture low back Swoosh stools Clyde & Co office case study

    Placed sporadically throughout the office, multiple breakfast bars were specified, accented by Swoosh stools in a variety of base and fabric options. Like the work café, these areas are seen as integral to the ‘one team’ approach desired by Clyde & Co, by building a working synergy between employees.

    Connection workplace furniture Rollie soft seating meeting chair BLM office case study

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the core office space are a series of private rooms designed for multiple purposes, whether that be as an area for more formal meetings, or somewhere to escape and find a moment of seclusion for individual work. Rollie was specified to provide a blend of residential soft-seating and stylish design, making it the ideal chair for a meeting room within a modern workspace.