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Connection HQ

Having been based at our home in Huddersfield since the late 1990’s, the time had come to move headquarters to further establish ourselves as a leading British manufacturer of commercial furniture. Although work had started on the move two years earlier, it came at the ideal time following the acquisition of Connection by Flokk in February 2022, creating a new central hub for Europe’s leading manufacturer of workplace furniture, here in the UK.

The new 45,000 sq ft facility is furnished with a state-of-the-art design and upholstery facility as well as an advanced manufacturing line, designed with the intent to contribute hugely towards the sustainability goals of Connection and the wider Flokk group. Also housed in the facility is a dedicated customer experience centre, and offices to support the growing Flokk UK workforce.

Connection Flokk UK office in Mirfield, West Yorkshire

“We’ve been working on the new facility for nearly three years now and we are thrilled to have finally opened. Coupled with the integration into the Flokk group this really is a new era for Connection. This purpose-built state of the art building will play a critical role in achieving the company’s growth ambition to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality workplace furniture.” Lucy Hardwick, Marketing Director, Flokk UK.

Connection Kuppel private work booth with Regent Resimercial collection and Harp space divider

A new and important part of the space is the customer experience centre, a large open-plan space in full view as soon as visitors enter the main part of the building. This area was specified as a place to play host to visitors, and to be the ideal place for informal meetings and collaborative tasks. The space showcases all Flokk brands, with products from Profim, OFFECCT, HÅG, RH, and Connection all coming together to show the breadth of the portfolio, and its ability to meet any workplace requirement.

With a large proportion of the Flokk UK workforce in situ at the new facility, a space that could support all kinds of working was required, with the Connection portfolio put to work to create a space that could meet employee needs, with individual areas for meeting, working, breakout and collaborating, all in one open-plan space.

Connection Clique collaborative furniture and Harp space divider

In the main office space, collaboration is key. The ideal product for collaborative group work, Clique is positioned to give employees a space to quickly break away from their desks for impromptu meetings or quick calls just away from the main space. Prominent throughout the space, Harp planters add a pop of natural colour, to liven up the office.

Connection Harp space divider with Centro table Swoosh stools and Muse statement booth

Harp was positioned throughout in various guises, utilised both for space division, and to create complete meeting rooms and collaborative zones. The most eye-catching applications of Harp in the office are the various collaborative meeting rooms, finished with large whiteboards and planters, for total usability, and some visual privacy away from the rest of the workspace.

Connection Harp space divider with Centro table Swoosh stools and Muse statement booth

Positioned to facilitate consistent and active collaboration, poseur height tables are placed in both central meeting rooms, with the intent to create breakout areas that employees can quickly congregate within. Whilst the Swoosh bar stools are placed around Centro, standing meetings are understood to increase mobility and are ordinarily more concise and productive, made easy by a poseur table.

Connection Rooms interior architecture at Mirfield office

Dominant structures in the space, Rooms was the ideal product to create separate, individual offices and rooms within the open-plan space. Requiring no planning permission and easy to assemble, Rooms was used for individual director offices, and is also the perfect spot for any private calls and meetings.