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    Forex Trading Company

    A Forex Trading Company required a complete overhaul of their office space and working processes in order to successfully integrate an influx of new employees from a company merger. The move also provided the ideal opportunity to modernise and develop the existing company working culture. The way that staff work has been drastically changed by the new workspace, with a significant decrease in the number of employees restricted to almost exclusive desk-based work. Soft seating was prominent around the office, giving workers the opportunity to relax and unwind.

    Connection Hygge chairs soft seating Tower Bridge

    After the refurbishment, the office is now able to support an increase in more casual ‘smart-working’, with large amounts of space now dedicated to relaxation, breakout, and collaborative work, as well as meeting spaces making the most of the stunning views of the River Thames.

    The initial design brief was forced to evolve over the course of the year to incorporate the necessary amends caused by COVID. This was clear in the reduction of desk-based working within the office. Post and during lockdown, staff had predominantly been working from home. It was felt that staff would no longer be working in the office 5 days a week, nor did they want to work at home 5 days a week when some sort of normality was resumed. The new workspace allows employees to return to the office 2 or 3 days a week but whilst working more in close collaboration with colleagues than individually and thus, increasing overall productivity.

    A plethora of Connection commercial furniture was specified within the space in a variety of configurations to enhance both the overall functionality and aesthetic. Rooms was specified in multiple guises, mostly to support collaborative working, alongside statement soft seating like Mae and Hygge.

    A plethora of Connection commercial furniture was specified within the space in a variety of configurations to enhance both the overall functionality and aesthetic.

    Connection Platforms collaboration furniture inside Connection Rooms interior architecture

    Rooms was deployed in numerous points around the workspace in different configurations to support the new working cultures. This specific Rooms features felt ceiling baffles and a single upholstered wall to increase the quality of acoustics within the space. The key defining component of this space, however, are the interactive white board walls which enable constant collaboration and brainstorming throughout meetings. The addition of Platforms seating within the Rooms adds an amphitheater feel and allows additional employee contribution to sessions.

    Connection Mae statement chair Forex Trading Company case study

    Alongside the areas dedicated to activity-based working and collaboration, the company felt that it was crucial to include numerous breakout areas with soft-seating furniture for relaxation. The Mae statement seating collection featured in multiple configurations, both high and medium back in a social space with fantastic river views.


    Connection high back Hygge statement soft seating Tower Bridge

    One of the more luxurious and extravagant elements of the entire build is the turret room with unbelievable views over the iconic Tower Bridge with The Shard to the rear. Thanks to its position at the top of the building and complete glass exterior, the room is the perfect space to unwind away from the office in full-flow. The high-back variation of the Hygge chair is designed to hug the user and generate an intimate and cosy feel, making it the ideal piece of statement soft-seating for this particular area.