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    HSBC Sheffield

    HSBC wanted to create an inspiring new work environment in Sheffield city centre. HSBC occupied several buildings in Sheffield, but held a desire to consolidate staff, generate efficiencies and business synergies, combined with the poor functionality and condition of the existing buildings HSBC required a single purpose designed building in the city centre. Connection supplied multiple pieces of office furniture to meet the demands of the space, including Rooms, Platforms and Dixi.

    Connection Rooms office furniture HSBC

    As part of the move HSBC wanted to create a new culture and workspace identity with smart building technology, ensuring technology was seamlessly integrated. It was also important to use the principles of the WELL Building Standard, to ensure the building supported staff health and well-being.

    HSBC wanted to create an inspiring work environment based on the city of Sheffield and its surrounding area. Dialling up the culture of Sheffield and blending this with HSBC’s values was key to create a building people are proud of. Design cues were taken from the local landscape, artists, history, charities and communities.

    Grosvenor House became HSBC‘s new Global IT Hub, occupying 140,000sqft of workspace spanning 7 floors and represents the first occupation of the Heart of the City 2 regeneration of Sheffield City Centre.

    Designed by Axis Architecture and procured by Insightful Environments, the space design blurs the lines between the external and internal spaces using natural materials, green walls and organic forms.

    The building design has been enriched by the city’s heritage, creativity and pride and has a unique identity within the global HSBC portfolio whilst providing a space which supports the future of the bank.

    Connection Rooms office furniture HSBC

    In recognising the users’ needs, both in the practicalities of technology and quality of space, several carefully designed areas for focussed work, private conversation, training, collaboration, presentation, refuelling and relaxation. Rooms were specified to create statement pieces in open plan spaces which would create freestanding semi-private meeting and collaboration areas without the need to build walls or any fixed structures.

    The building sits within the heart of the Sheffield, so let’s put the heart of Sheffield into the building. Axis Architecture

    A huge atrium links each office floor, physically through the installation of a feature staircase, but also, socially through the provision of the collaboration spaces woven into its flights and the auditorium nestled beneath it. This lively area, also incorporating a café bar and IT hub, is designed to encourage meeting, communication and celebration. Centro Lite tables were used in a vibrant green to form part of the social spaces.

    Dixi tub and high back chairs with black cage bases, upholstered in orange and yellow fabrics together with matching coffee tables create inviting touch down meeting and socialising areas.

    2 tier auditorium in HSBC Sheffield office provided by Connection

    L-shape Platforms was featured in a central office position to allow for presentations and huddle meetings.