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The definitive guide to furniture terminology


CAD – A computer aided design (CAD) is a computer based software that generally allows for a two dimensional drawing to be made of a three dimensional model. This is how we’re able to offer CAD downloads of our different product ranges. These can allow architects/engineer


Cantilever Frame – A cantilever refers to a rigid structural element that extends horizontally and is only attached at one end. This extension is usually from a flat vertical surface.


Castor Base – A castor is a small undriven wheel that can be attached to the base of an object to enable easier movement. A castor base is a series of these small wheels, generally allowing for movement in any direction. These can be found on many office chairs or shopping trolleys.


Contoured Seat – A seat that has been designed with ergonomics and the human body in mind. These seats should be more comfortable for extended durations.


CPD – CPD or Continuing Professional Development refers to different resources, usually knowledge and skill-based that can aid in your continued learning and growth.


Ergonomic Design – Ergonomics is the study of what is most efficient for workers and how their environment can be adapted to better suit the individuals. This can take the form of chairs, desks, or many other things, and makes them as user-focused as possible.


Faux – A material made to imitate another. Often used as a more ethical replacement for leather products.


Memory Foam – Memory foam has been around since the mid-60’s when it was invented under contract by NASA. This material is made of polyurethane and moulds to the shape of the user – increasing comfort, especially when used for extended periods of time.


Modular – Consisting of modules – usually able to be interconnected to create a larger whole. For example, many of our modular commercial furniture pieces can be combined to create a well-designed workspace.


Nesting Tables – Nesting tables are usually used as an effective way to increase the usability of the product. A series of 3 – 4 small tables of descending size so that they may be stacked on top of one another.


Office Pod – Office pods are a compact and mobile workspace designed to be used by individuals or small groups within a larger office environment. These allow some isolation and privacy from the bustle of an open-plan office.


pCon – pCon is a 3D planning software that allows you to create and visualise a 3D impression of how your designed room will look once complete. With the ability to import furniture and dimensions, this tool is widely used by interior designers.


Pedestal Base – A pedestal refers to the base used on a furniture item when it is supported by one primary point of contact with the ground. These include a base plate, a column and then a spider (the base, pillar and tabletop attachment, respectively).


Swivel Chair – A swivel chair means a chair (usually resting on bearings) that is able to rotate 360 degrees in order to face any direction.


Tapered Legs – A tapered leg gradually gets thinner as it gets closer to the floor. Meaning that each leg will be at its thickest where it connects to the rest of the furniture piece.


Tripod Base – A tripod base is a support system that relies on three legs to ensure stability.


Upholstered – The past tense description of upholstery – usually meaning a surface that has been covered in padding and then covered with cloth or material to make them comfortable to sit on.


Veneer – A veneer is a paper thin layer of wood that’s applied to all sides of a core material. This can be purely for aesthetic purposes or it can be to help ensure the piece’s structural integrity.


Wingback Chair – A wingback chair is sometimes also called a grandfather chair, meaning a high-backed armchair with panels on the side to serve as ‘wings’ that then angle down to connect to the arms.


Work-cafe – A more modern approach to furniture design, work-cafe is a new range of functional furniture that’s supposed to embody the benefits of both a cafe and a workspace. Offering customisable work spaces that encourage socialising, independent working or collaboration – as required.