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Coworking – The factors driving businesses to embrace change

Modern day workstyles & methods are continuously evolving & adapting. Right now Coworking is the workstyle of the moment taking workspaces by storm & forcing businesses to think differently.

But what are the factors that are driving the large corporations & smaller businesses alike to embrace new Coworking styles & applications?

Written by Lucy Hardwick, Marketing Director

Encouraging collaboration and innovation

When people are working together within the same perimeters, it allows for minds to bounce off minds. Close proximity working encourages sharing of networks & sharing of knowledge, this in turn builds the relationships that allow businesses to grow & prosper.

Efficient use of space

It is well documented that 40% to 60% of desks within office spaces are vacant & underutilised throughout the working day. By adapting workspaces to Coworking spaces, furniture becomes multipurpose, allowing valuable space to be maximised.

A more engaging environment improves productivity

Space is a key tool to build culture, increase productivity & improves a brand. Providing choice creates a more engaged & empowered worker. This drives productivity & worker satisfaction meaning better focus, more efficiency and ultimately a higher standard of work output.

Enhances talent retention & recruitment

Creating a stimulating & purposeful environment improves employee happiness & encourages staff retention.  A third of office workers state that the design of an office would affect their decision to work at a company. Workspaces with forward thinking designs, visually appealing & a range of additional features enhance & encourage staff retention.

At Connection we understand how furniture stimulates interaction & encourage collaboration across departments and business to business. We build this into all our thinking. Our Co.Table was designed & developed specifically for Coworking environments. Diner height tables allow for individuals workstations, all with integrated technology & lighting, whilst the poseur table end provides impromptu meetings.


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