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Introducing WorkWell, for the modern workspace

WorkWell, for the modern workplaceWorkWell is an innovative new concept, designed for the modern workspace, to support workers and allow them to work to the absolute best of their ability, in any working environment. The wellbeing of the individual, both physical and mental, is a driving force in office design now more so than ever, with the WorkWell brand of commercial furniture embracing this entirely as a strong innovation focus.

Ergonomics are a key pillar in what makes WorkWell. Comfort and functionality are crucial in creating an environment which supports the mental wellbeing of employees, just as much as the physical. By creating products which are both durable and simple to use, our separate ranges can adapt to any workspace and alleviate some stress from employee and employer alike. The removal of unnecessary and avoidable stress around seemingly innocuous workplace issues like comfort, efficiency, and cost, are proven to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on overall mental health.

Although focused upon the wellbeing of the individual, products within the WorkWell brand are also designed to mesh together seamlessly, as part of a larger collective. The ability to work well as a co-operative is becoming an increasingly precious skill for workers to possess, as companies look to modernise and benefit from smarter office spaces. Commercial furniture is an integral pillar in the development of the agile workspaces which have and will become progressively more prevalent. It is now necessary for designers and manufacturers attempt to mirror the increasingly flexible worker with like-minded solutions.

As well as a strong focus upon solving problems prevalent within the modern workspace, products within the WorkWell brand will be aesthetically pleasing and strive to have significant sustainable elements incorporated.

Although there is a keen focus upon aesthetics, durability, and ergonomics, the WorkWell task chair range is designed to have a series of environmental and sustainability credentials, as part of our larger push towards corporate social responsibility. Almost 50% of the task chair is manufactured from recycled materials and has a significantly reduced carbon footprint, in comparison to alternative products. The key environmental consideration, however, is that at the end of its lifecycle, the WorkWell task chair is 100% recyclable, from the seating pad and frame to the mesh back.