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An intelligent and adaptable multi-purpose system for any space.


Nest has utilised the natural shape of the hexagon, which has a symmetrical, simple form, that allows it to tesselate seamlessly and create larger, more complex structures. The singular Nest unit can be used as an individual seat, perfect for placement in the centre of a collaborative space, or laid flat, can be built up into a honeycomb effect, to create a multitude of seating options.

Nest is able to operate not only as a reconfigurable seating solution, but also as a space divider, storage unit, shevling, or simply as a striking visual piece. Nest can be tessellated together and stood upright to create these solutions, thanks to the range of options available on the front/top of the units, with cork board, whiteboard, and a variety of coloured MFC options available.

Product specifications:

  • Hexagon powder coated steel frame in fine textured Black.
  • Outer & inner panels available in 12 MFC finishes.
  • Top panel available in:
    • 12 MFC finishes
    • Whiteboard
    • Cork
    • Upholstered
    • Planter
  • Fixing brackets & spacers included as accessories.
  • Design by Rivr.
  • Note: Nest is designed to build, not stack. Max height limit of three Nest hexagons high.


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