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Modernising the workplace to support both employee and employer needs

The modern office worker is increasingly seeking the ability to work in a hybrid manner, detailing the desire for a greater work-life balance. A prominent solution to this problem is the work café. By combining elements of the office with more social features, the work café is able to support collaborative, hybrid working styles. Browse our range of work café products to see how we support modern hybrid working practices.

What is the work café?

While the term work café can elicit ideas of somewhere to go for a quick coffee, in reality it’s so much more than this. Improving the functionality and flexibility of the office space will see marked improvements in employee wellbeing whilst assisting in overall productivity.

Hybrid work spaces such as a work café encourage employees to use the room in the manner most conducive to their working habits – be it group zones for collaborative meetings or singular alcoves for personal projects.

Connection Canova Work Café chair
What are the key features of a work café?

Cafés are seen as ‘third places’.  These areas are psychologically imperative to maintain motivation, by providing an escape away from home and work in which people can escape the monotony.

A nomadic space
For those times when you need some time to focus on and finalise the details of your project. Not quite looking to isolate yourself in a conference room, just take a seat at a workstation in the work café.

A social space
By nurturing a social and collaborative environment, the work café area will become a desirable place for employees to switch off and relax. Whether taking a break alone or in a large group, the space can cater to all needs.

Connection Work Café furniture Centro posuer tables and Centro stools
What are the benefits of a work café?

To put it simply,  most people like coffee and the ability to relax,  both fundamentals in a work café space.  Further elements like sufficient Wi-Fi, daylight, flexibility and socialisiation are also key to happiness and productivity.

By making the office furniture work smarter and ultimately, better, the workplace will see more opportunities for employee engagement and productivity.

Read our insights piece on the rise of the work café and the significance of third places here, to discover the full range of benefits.

Connection Work Café furniture Luna chair Match table
How do we make work cafés work?

Click here to check out our case study with a Global Biotechnology Company.

Alternatively, browse our ranges of stunning work café furniture and resources, to see how we make them work, as well as how they can benefit you.

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