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agile and mobile workspaces.
stimulating and inspiring spaces.
environments that foster collaboration.
spaces to unplug whilst staying connected.
Products designed specifically for the workplace, inspiring successful and constructive working environments.

The workplace has never stood still, but now less so than ever. The way we think about and how we work is evolving at incredible speed. Workplace environments are a key component in this evolution with coworking furniture and agile space designs becoming increasingly critical for successful and safe working environments.

A dynamic & moving landscape

The landscape and dynamic of the workplace is ever-changing, from the nature of work to workplace furniture. An evolution in the way in which people work has shifted the need for more orthodox workspace furniture to collaborative furniture, designed to facilitate flexible working. At Connection, we strive to meet the needs of the modern workspace by developing commercial furniture, ideal for any space, from the traditional office to the work café.

A non traditional office

Innocent Smoothies wanted to move away from the traditional office set-up of individually assigned desks and bookable meeting rooms to reflect changing working practices and pressure on desk and meeting space. They wanted a design concept with a selection of spaces for specific activities to encourage the company to be more agile and flexible, creating an environment that enables fast-paced business whilst fostering the sense of community that is at the core of Innocent’s company values.

Culture at the core of the workspace

HSBC wanted to create a new culture and workspace identity with smart building technology seamlessly integrated. It was also important to use the principles of the WELL Building Standard, to ensure the building supported staff health and well-being. In recognising the users’ needs, both in the practicalities of technology and quality of space, several carefully designed areas for focussed work, private conversation, training, collaboration, presentation, refuelling and relaxation.

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