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At Connection, our mission is to create positive experiences through the design and manufacture of innovative commercial furniture ranges, whilst having a positive impact on the planet and meeting our own sustainability goals. Everything we do and create has some impact on the world, and what we do at a local level has implications for the whole planet and everything that lives on it.  This is inescapable, which is why we endeavour to be the absolute best we can be.


We’re called Connection for a reason. We design and manufacture innovative products that bring people together to connect, collaborate, create, learn, and have a positive impact on the workplace and the wider world.

We do so without losing sight of the wider, connected picture. Whatever we do should make the world a better place. It should protect the environment and make people’s lives better. An interconnected, complex world makes it more important than ever for organisations to have a clear vision for the world and not just business.

Sustainability within design and manufacturing is critical in ensuring the health of our planet today and in the future. It is believed that approximately 80% of the ecological impact of a manufactured product is locked in before manufacturing has even begun. The environmental impact of a product and its effect on the planet is ultimately set into motion at the very first phase of design, with the selection of materials, processes and the factors required to bring a complete version of the initial concept to market.

This is why we pay close attention to all facets of our process, starting with an idea and ending with an innovative piece of commercial furniture that effectively supports our sustainability goals, as well as make our customers happy.

Our approach to sustainability is simple and underpinned by three key pillars: Manufacturing, Materials and Design.

To offset the usage of wood in our products and the limited printing of materials, we have partnered with Forest Carbon, the leading developer of carbon capture projects in the UK. We regard this as an incredibly effective way of mitigating the natural materials we use and as one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis. We recently took the decision to drastically reduce the amount of printed marketing materials we produce as a way of further tackling our environmental footprint.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we try to use partners based locally to us, or near to where our customers require assistance. We monitor our footprint in great detail, having our own calculator to ensure accuracy and utilise the aforementioned work with Forest Carbon to offset. Our ultimate aim is to be carbon net zero by 2050.


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