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Sustainable Manufacturing

All of our products are made to order as part of our lean management programme. This not only helps to reduce waste but also facilitates our approach to continuous improvement and adaptability.

We understand that the use of natural materials is essential in the manufacturing of our products, which is why we strive to continually improve the technology and methods we use. We are entirely committed to offsetting carbon emissions through our partnership with Forest Carbon, with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon net zero by 2050.

All of our operational processes are subject to a programme of continuous improvement. We monitor and manage everything we do in real time and assess the implications for our own operations and in relation to a wide range of environmental and ethical objectives. We focus on training and technology to improve the way we go about things and ensure that our vison of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is embedded in everything we do.

We segregate all waste from manufacturing processes so that it can be managed in the most responsible way. All waste that cannot be recycled as part of our Zero Waste to Landfill protocol is managed in partnership with our refuse collection service. Surplus fabric and other materials are offered free to schools, colleges and universities or returned to suppliers for reuse or recycling.

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