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Sustainable Design

We make products that last. Not only do our products stand the tests of time in a space, but they are also designed to be timeless and adaptable. We believe that this is the simplest, yet significant way for us to be as sustainable as possible.

Today, alongside our lean manufacturing processes, we design products with their full lifecycle at the forefront of our minds. First, we ensure everything we release will be eternally appealing, combining comfort, functionality, and beauty to deliver product that you’ll never want to part with.

However, deeper than this, we guarantee products that are simple to maintain, repair and refurbish. Our products are easy to dissemble at the end of life so can be reupholstered, or recycled to ensure that nothing goes to landfill, and you won’t have to part from your favourite products.

We offer customers a renew and refresh programme that helps them to extend the lives of products. Each product has its own Environmental Product Datasheet to help customers in their choice of products and how to manage them.

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