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a space that works at Home.
comfort & practicality for a Home office.
stylish designs for home interiors.
Supporting working choices, wherever you choose to work.

A successful and constructive working environment is a necessity to promote a feeling of well-being, productivity and fulfilment.

Everybody works differently.

Our furniture is consciously designed, to support people’s choice to work in a way that suits them, wherever that suits them, to ensure they are working at their optimum level.
Connection Home is a range of products from some of our most-loved seating chairs. Each product in the range has been selected to ensure the same comfort and productivity in a home environment as you would expect in a workspace. Practicality is coupled with a selection of stylish fabrics suitable for home interiors to blend seamlessly into a residential décor.

Safe at Home.

At Connection, we understand the importance of safety standards and what is required to meet them in order to ensure our products comply to the environment they are being used in. All Connection Home products meet and comply with The Furniture & Furnishing fire safety regulations 1988 (amended 1989, 1993 and 2010) for flammability and upholstery components. If you are a supplier or consumer buying from the Connection Home collection you are receiving a compliant and safe product.

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