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Learning is a Social Process: Designing for Effective Informal Learning

Collaborating with leading Learning Space consultant, James Rutherford, we explore pedagogically-informed learning spaces, aiming to enhance the experience and output of students, whilst balancing the needs of space, facilities and technology all within the perimeters of teaching environments.

We are a proud partner of the BIID CPD Providers Network. All our learning seminars are BIID accredited.

Written by Lucy Hardwick, Marketing Director

Explore how and why learning is a social process, addressing the relationship between learning styles in education and understand the correlation of creating effective informal learning spaces through interior and space design.

Learn about the current and future students’ learning needs and how forthcoming design trends and technology are helping to influence these environments.

Review design trends for interiors that are emerging and consider their translation and psychological impact in education design, demonstrated through smart furniture design and careful choice of material and colours.