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A day bed lounger, inspired by the modern workplace, empowering users to break away from the monotony of desk-based working.

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Bask is a day bed lounger inspired by the new ways of working. A relaxed design, reminiscent of a bed or sofa, Bask has been designed to invite the user to break away from the main office and unwind in a way most comfortable for them, whether that be by reading a book or completing individual work.

Upholstered with a soft seat pad and back, and with built-in power, Bask is the ideal product to encourage users to break away from their desks and explore new areas in the office. The movement away from desks and meeting rooms to more informal settings is understood to have a positive influence on the mental wellbeing of employees as they allow themselves to unwind.

Designed by Jo Day of Rivr

  • Fully upholstered lounger with backrest and detachable pillow
  • Multiple upholstery options, 3 areas to bespoke; seat, back and cushion.
  • Power type G&H available
  • Black metal legs only
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